Welcome to Wuji

The aim of the Wuji concept is to provide an education and offer practical information for the everyday person to navigate their way towards better health and well-being; through the principles of employing better nutrition, practising energy arts (structural fitness) and using the benefits of bodywork.

The practise of Wuji is to achieve Wu wei (achieving action through minimal effort)  a key concept of Taoism: employing the wisdom of this ancient philosophy we offer a clear approach to gain real knowledge and understanding in developing a healthy body and mind.

The Wuji concept was introduced into being through Glen Jenkins who has spent over 25 years practising and researching structural fitness, diet and therapy. Glen is a very accomplished martial artist and offers tuition within this subject and also in gaining better health through improved nutrition and bodywork.

The Wuji concept would be happy to work with any individuals who would be interested in teaching or promoting any of the disciplines it offers in creating better health and well-being, and indeed better lifestyles to anyone interested in developing themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.