Wuji is a term meaning ‘infinite’. Taoists use it to refer to the ‘primordial universe’, the emptiness from which everything came.

The Wuji programme offers internal exercises to promote strength and well-being, by balancing the energetic pathways and physical structure of the body.

Wuji was founded by Glen Jenkins. He holds black belts and teaching qualifications in several disciplines, and has trained extensively to gain invaluable knowledge from instructors of the highest calibre.

Glen’s practice has evolved into teaching the essence of the internal arts of Qigong, Tai Chi and Internal Boxing (Hsing-I & Bagua). He uses the principles and concepts of these arts and his acquired skills to promote their health and martial benefits.

Dylan George, attending York Tai Chi workshop says,

”I was introduced to tai chi and qigong nearly 30 years ago, but over those years I’ve been on and off with it because I always felt there was something crucial missing. Thankfully since working with Glen he’s filled in those gaps and created a mind blowing learning experience that’s enriched my practice and deepened my knowledge.”