Our training works on internal cultivation and a deeper understanding of the energy reserves of the human body, known as the essence (jing), vitality (qi), and spirit (shen).

The energies of the body are the foundation of our health, and nurturing these energies has much value in treating and preventing health problems.

  • improved immune function
  • relief from back and neck pain
  • improved circulation and organ function
  • relief from stress and tension disorders
  • increased physical, energetic and mental function
  • improved posture and joint mobility

Our method of practice helps stimulate the flow of energy, creating inner strength, developing internal flexibility, and nurturing a relaxed state of mind.

Martial Arts

We train the martial perspectives through the integration of the mind and body, which leads to improved cognitive intent and myofascial-skeletal tensegrity to develop substantial inner force.

Applications for combat use are based on the concepts and principles of the internal martial arts, although the aptitude, insight and nature-endowed spirit of the individual plays the most important role. 

  • attacking prowess
  • effective defence
  • improved striking force
  • ability to absorb blows

Developing the correct biomechanics enables authentic internal force, which can be utilised by all combat practitioners for improved health or use in martial arts training.