Our approach

The wuji concept develops body strength and the training of the human spirit, with emphasis on the preservation of health. Although, it is based on the internal martial arts, it is not bound or limited as a particular style and focuses on the intuition of the individual to evolve its practice; making it an ideal method of exercise for practitioners of all movement arts, martial arts and combat sports.

Our practices

Wuji Qigong – is a form of gentle exercise which combines Taoist meditation and the physical body mechanics employed by the internal martial arts. It’s practice develops and deepens the relaxation of the body and mind, for overcoming stress and illness. People of all ages and physical abilities can use these exercises to increase flexibility, boost athletic performance, heal the body and reduce the chance of sustaining injury.

Wuji Taiji – is a devastating martial art which uses the principle of storing energy (yin) and projecting energy (yang). Better posture, alignment, balance, improved circulation and a strengthened immune system are just some of the many benefits that can result from regular practice, as well as the addition of enabling practitioners to develop their movement skills and martial ability.