Standing exercises

Zhan Zhuang Qigong is the foundation of our training, and works towards co-ordinating mind and body to develop strength, improved health, relaxation, concentration and awareness.

Moving exercises

Train the essence of the internal arts of Xingyi, Tai ChiĀ and Bagua, to develop movement without tiring the body. Internal arts practice prevents restriction of breath or blood circulation, to allow the development of superior health and internal power.

Push hands

Two man drills are used to develop certain principles, such as protecting the centreline, maintaining posture, understanding body mechanics and using the ground to intiate power in developing the methods of applying force.


Boxing drillsĀ train competence to execute the correct move at the correct time. Instinctive, natural, subconscious, spontaneous movements are the simplest, quickest and most accurate, in developing superior boxing ability.